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星期六, 十二月 27, 2008

Bored people camwhore.

1) Tuition in the morning
2) Overflowing number of students
3) Congested classroom
4) Screwing of tables / horny (?)
5) Mr Toh is experienced in screwing
6) Understood recap
7) Log here, log there
8) Took some time to understand new topic
9) Questions given
10) Got one wrong / careless / stupid
11) Class ended
12) Xianyun gave me present / necklace / heart / 7 years of friendship
13) Crapped with Benita / while / paying fees
14) 85$ gone / sad / lol
15) Dad had a day off
16) Took us to mum's office / but / too early
17) Bored people / camwhore / laughed / danced / sing
18) Therefore the stupid peeeeeeektures as below / gomenasai if you feel like / vomitting

create animated gif

a) (L) (L) (L) Marigold Mango yoghurt smoothie / sister / blur
b) My super papa /
c) Need longer ponytail / helix / fat face
d) Powerpuff Girls' file / cool / be jealous
e) Jolene / is my sister / twist
f) Endorses / for / yoghurt / smoothie / yum
g) Converse / cute tee / cut off / bangles / smoothie
h) Motion / elephant thighs / weird action
i) Papa / daughter / love / car
j) Specs / additional math book / is mine / means / i study

I know my way of blogging is effing retarded but Im very lazy today....
So guezz point forms save more time and it's clear cut in a way.
So pros and cons. Ha for my benefit so yea.. not complaining.

Think Im going to BPP too much already -.-
Love Starhub 'cuz we just got the Crystal Jade vouchers... CJ tmrw!
K i won't overeat. I promise...

Byebye, off to safe Shh shh at Pet Sociey...
Think she's dying anytime from sheer unhygiene & lack of food. Bet she's overwhelmed with houseflies now :/

星期三, 四月 30, 2008

Smashing examinations.

Status: Currently in the midst of exams,
therefore not much interesting pictures to blog about,
'cept for, duh, textbooks, practice papers, worksheets.
Hahahas, i know my photography skills suck, but it does help you relieve stress when you're really going crazy with all those stupid algebraic identities (thank god it's over).





lol, Geog.

Cute storybook, nice to read too :D

factorisation. "Factories your head la." HAHAHAS.

P/s: For some real nice photography skills-cum-blog: Go to Joyce's blog! :D

Anyway, Monday went to why-vet's house to study!
then Germaine and Jiawen came along :)
It was a long way there la, like the buses come soooo long.
and it was my first time taking 198 and 334, LOL!

And i guess we managed to study a little, at least, well, i studied a little, but we had alot of fun gossiping.
jiawen said one guy's name for 45656739283928 times from 12pm to 5+pm lor!
like obsessed or what, HAHAHAS!

Didn't take much pictures, well, because we were studying :X hahahas.

I personally think that Jiawen's bag is cute in a way- Boy and Girl.

Dearest Why-Vet!

& funny jiawen!

& germaine (didn't take photo of her tho).

& me!

i didn't know why yvette took this picture, i looked fugly,
and my long long fringe.


I bet many people didn't notice, haizxzxz.
but i guess my fringe got trimmed and my hair layered more.
and my two sides are shorter. :)
I'm happy with the results *grins widely*


Mid Year exams reflections (in a nutshell) :

English Paper 1- I did that description of a public school performance thing. I hope i did well :) was frantically finding phrases and descriptions to describe the voices of the choir members! LOL!
English Paper 2- I thought it was managable but some quite cheeeeeem. :)
HCL Paper 1- Did the 早知今日,何必当初 title, wrote that i took drugs and went into some rehab kind of jail. LOL! like i very experienced like that, HAHAHAS!
HCL Paper 2- I wrote until my hands wanna burst already (doesn't sound right, but well). haha, copied alot from the passage those kind of qns :D goood!
Wednesday (today)
Maths Paper 1- Shit can, i left a few qns blank, or rather, halfway done, 'cause i got stuck halfway :X just hope i will get some method marks or sth like that and the rest that i completed will be correct (:
Maths Paper 2- I think it was simpler than paper 2, but still, i got one or two qns left undone! D: D: it's like i forgot that i left some qns blank until i checked my ans, and that those simple ones that i did, i found out that i got some careless mistakes therefore had to redo! HAIZXZXZXZ. pissing you know, WAHLAO.

It had been a long time since i last camwhored:-

with new hair :) LOL, if you even see a difference.

But well, there is a difference! :D

Good luck all! ^^

星期三, 八月 29, 2007

I don't wanna care.

Sorry for the hiatus!
uh, i feel so bad. i hvn't been blogging for quite some time ):
& i miss blogging.
hmm, but! i am rather busy with other stuffs.
therefore, not going to blog yet soon.

just recent updates of life:
  • i cut my fringe. (ok, WTH.)
  • i am preparing a new blogskin. (say yay)
  • i am going back to cckps on Friday for teacher's day (yay more)
  • i haven't buy my teacher's day gifts. (oh gosh. gonna get them tmr, maybe.)
  • ms loh touched me twice. (someone say eeyur? ask nicole & xinying for evidence)
  • i hate science. (haha, see previous.)
  • i prefer Mrs Hafiz. (like duhh!)
  • i hate to do IP survey. (boring.. ._.)
  • i am busy for my whole week of holiday. (i have only a pathetic WEDNESDAY that i a free)
  • i think i'm going to flunk my geog. (ok, hope not :\)
  • i was one of th retarded actors in geog today, playing role- ROCKS. (ok, this is like WTF?!)
  • i just found out that i don't have a burner in my computer. & i need to burn sth, argh. (i am dl-ing)
  • my sister don't have school tmr. (she has like SO MANY holidays)
  • i haven't blogged for 3 days. (it seemed like so long tho...)
  • i have cookies to sell! who wants? i've got choco & mint flavour :D 10 bucks each. Price negiotiable :)) please tag me for order! thanks ;D

ok, busy week i had. LOL (: ok, g2g.


' jasmine





星期五, 七月 27, 2007


my mum is like angry with me, 'cause i am using th computer.
she thinks i NEVER (notice, is NEVER, not seldom) study, freakk.
yes, i have exactly 27mins from th time i typed 'exactly' to use th computer. wahlao.
phewly, i have done xianyun's blogskin codings. left julia's skin, ):

ok, i am very angry. shouted at my mum, i shouldn't be doing that.
): ok, i am remorseful.
whatever, i am just fed-up.


' jasmine


星期六, 五月 26, 2007

This is superly a test :D

woots, this is a trial. :DD

she is jasmine in a lame world :D



星期四, 五月 10, 2007

New skin on blogskins,

Hey people, i have submitted a skin to blogskins:)

hope you people will rate and comment. fave also can luh :D hahas.

click here!




星期五, 十二月 15, 2006